Attachment Is the Root of All Suffering

This is a collage I made for ARTS-1020 Media Studio: Imaging. As a portrait of my girlfriend Kayla that’s also a study of light values, it explores the feelings of anxiety that come with love, and having to accept the possibility that the object of your desire can be lost or destroyed.

It was an effective exercise in learning how to use Photoshop, possibly because it took many more hours than it had to. Decomposing Kayla’s face into 734 triangles (with a method from the first Instructable I could find) gave me fine control over the size of each individual similarly-colored region–at the cost of becoming by far the most laborious part of creating the piece. I learned only after our next project was assigned that Photoshop has a Cryztallize filter which accomplishes nearly the same thing, using polygons reminiscent of stained glass instead of triangles.

Try zooming into the image above! The viewer is OpenSeadragon, a nifty open-source JavaScript-only zoomable image viewer that’s pretty easy to set up.

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Andrew Aquino

Andrew Aquino

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