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TEP EI’s rush organization underwent an overhaul ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) at the beginning of the Fall 2016 semester headed by Matt Johnson, an ex-Rush Chairman who’d noticed a huge de jure imbalance in brothers’ labor and time commitments under the existing system: a single individual handling all aspects of rush event planning. By forming Events, Marketing, and Budget Committees, we distributed the workload more evenly among active brothers. We also hopefully phoenixed a chair position which incumbents now might even want to hold repeatedly.

I volunteered to be the first Marketing Chairman, in part so that we’d be able to advertise for events with a reusable calendar design. My intent was to

Fast-forward to Winter Break

My Adobe Illustrator lobe began to atrophy immediately after submitting our vector-based project for Media Studio: Imaging, and I was faced with a puzzling amount of free time, so I got to work on the design immediately. Several image traces of Google Maps and the enigmatic House Guardian Viper, rectangles, and textboxes later, this is the result–to be printed on Planetary Purple™ paper for generations to come.

What happens now?

Ideally, future Marketing Chairmen will be able input the current semester, its Rush start/end dates, names/dates/times coordinated with their respective Events Chairmen, and the relevant text will be beautifully inserted into the grid, corresponding to days of the week.

Is such a task worth writing a script to automate? Probably, since not everyone can be bothered to pirate shell out for the Adobe Creative Suite. But realistically speaking, typesetting the malleable text after everything’s been decided would take no more than 15 minutes each semester. So for now I’ll continue to focus my efforts on the Digital Brother Boards and chapter website. Stay tuned!

Andrew Aquino

Andrew Aquino

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