Viper Shirt

Even though I’d forgotten until the last second to make this design, I’m immensely proud of how it turned out. This may well be the last rush shirt I have a hand in, if we don’t work out a cheap solution for Spring ‘18. This shirt design, the website it advertises, and the new rush calendar represent a reaching toward a strange and new a e s t h e t i c that I hope my chapter will carry on.

Mad props to Mike Camire for coming up with the MGM logo idea, and Dave Langer (under whom I now do web dev work at Troy Shirt Co.) for teaching me how to make halftone dots in Illustrator. You can make out Viper’s ridiculous visage from a couple dozen feet away.

me in shirt

Just when I thought the screenprint wasn't enough, this is also one of the softest shirts I've ever worn.

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Andrew Aquino

Andrew Aquino

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